Sleep Apnea in Springfield, MA

Patients with sleep apnea often don’t realize they have it until a sleeping partner brings it to their attention. But this common disorder can also be detected by symptoms such as:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Depression
  • Failure to feel refreshed in the morning

The starting point for diagnosing sleep apnea is always your physician. Once you are diagnosed, your doctor will recommend a treatment based on the severity of your apnea.

Common options include lifestyle changes, CPAP breathing devices and surgery. Your doctor may also choose to refer you to Dr. Katz to explore the option of oral appliances.

If this treatment is appropriate for you, we work closely with your health insurance provider to maximize coverage of oral appliance therapy, even if you do not have dental insurance.

Oral appliances – a CPAP alternative

The mouthpieces we provide are no larger than the average “night guard,” and are carefully fitted to your mouth. During sleep, they adjust your lower jaw and tongue to help keep your airway open.

This type of appliance can be very effective as a therapy for mild apnea and snoring. They may also be an effective alternative to CPAP for severe sleep apnea. CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines have a mask that goes over your mouth and nose to continuously blow air into the throat. They can cause many side effects, including dry or stuffy nose, irritated facial skin, dry mouth, headaches and claustrophobia.

To be fitted for a device to correct sleep apnea, you must first be diagnosed by a physician. Dr. Katz is then available by referral from your doctor.